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Chinese language Hanfu, Stunning Flowy Clothes of Tradition

Should you’ve watched as a lot historic cdrama as I’ve, you could have seen that the characters sometimes put on some kind of clothes that’s comparatively simple to maneuver in. Generally, it’s in bursts of colour or invokes a way of awe. Should you guessed it, sure! I’m speaking about Chinese language Hanfu.

What IS Chinese language Hanfu and what are the origins?

Completely happy belated Lunar 12 months everybody! I hope you get pleasure from this transient little cultural context.

Let’s bounce proper into it!

Hanfu Motion in Modern-day China

What’s fascinating right here is that the attractive look and the profound tradition behind Hanfu are gaining reputation.

Among the many younger technology each in China and likewise overseas. (Google hanfu motion when you don’t imagine me!)

Nevertheless, individuals know little or no about Hanfu.

Not solely the idea of “Hanfu” itself, but in addition the identify of the construction of Hanfu, not to mention the cultural connotation behind it.

chinese hanfu movement in china

Temporary Historical past of Hanfu

Hanfu (汉服), actually ‘Han garments’, is likely one of the conventional forms of Chinese language clothes. (Consider CDramas like Phrase of Honor, The Story of Minglan, The Untamed, and so forth.)

Random truth right here: Folks have been typically mistakenly regarded Hanfu because the costumes of the Han Dynasty (汉朝, 221 – 207 BC).

However in actual fact, Hanfu is the standard gown for all of the “Han” individuals.

And “Han” is the standard ethnic group of China. Forming the overwhelming majority within the nation.

Afterward, Hanfu was seen because the traits of Han individuals earlier than the Qing Dynasty when the Manchus (one other ethnic group) reigned.

The Totally different Sorts of Chinese language Hanfu

  1. Shenyi (深衣)
    • Traits:
      • The highest and gown are related, however are in several colours so you may inform the place one begins and ends
      • Emphasizes gracefulness and class
      • Worn by women and men
  2. Ruqun (襦裙)
    • Traits:
      • Brief garments worn on the higher physique, referred to as “Ru” whereas the gown that makes up the decrease physique referred to as “Qun” (therefore the naming right here)
      • Worn by females
  3. Yishang (衣裳)
    • Traits:
      • Yishang is essentially the most primary clothes for males’s hanfu whereas for girls, the character “Yi” signifies any open cross collar garment

For extra particulars on how these clothes are named piece by piece, go take a look at this article by New Hanfu.

I’ve been sorely tempted by how stunning among the hanfus are.

Particularly the extra modern-looking ones!

Picture from NewHanfu, all rights go to the unique proprietor



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